Next-Ion Technology

The secret sauce is in the separator, which is inside many types of batteries and super capacitors. The market potential is huge.

Next-Ion technology enhances existing battery architectures with not only improved safety but also excellent performance and life-time with ultra-fast charging opportunities.

We innovated a new architecture for +$10B market; high temperature, explosion-proof Li-ion batteries by incorporating aerogels and nanotubes matrices. These battery cells exhibit excellent properties in relation to capacity, charge-discharge performance, and cyclability.

Our battery remains stable!

Below are 3 batteries put inside containers for safety.

  • The left battery is what’s in your phone or tablet.
  • The middle battery is a more expensive and rugged battery.
  • The right is our Next-Ion battery.

Watch our video to see the first 2 batteries catch on fire as the temperature is starts at 70C and temperature continues to be increased.


To get maximum battery performance batteries constantly operate at their safety limits, which means they are prone to failure and even cause an explosion.

These battery explosions are rare, but consequences may be catastrophic; hence, it is one of the most dangerous threats to our everyday life. Recent, reported phone battery explosions are terrifying examples of how unpredictable and unstable the current lithium-ion batteries are. Most of these reported explosions are linked to thermal runaway due to electrolyte failures.

Under typical battery operation, like using your phone, the temperature difference between housing and the core of the battery may be significantly different. When battery housing is at room temperature, the battery core temperature can rise abruptly above 1000C. Thus the electrolyte loses its integrity, which leads to a short circuit and possibly an explosion. Many of the current electrolyte designs cannot survive this abrupt temperature rise and the battery can instantly go from normal operation to catastrophic failure.